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Holy Rosary Primary School, Sunnyside Crescent Belfast

A Christmas Carol

29th Nov 2018

Throughout the term, we have been studying the topic of The Victorian Era.  We have learnt lots about Queen Victoria and her life and what Britain was like under her reign.  

In literacy, we have been learning about the famous Charles Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol.  We have done a lot of work using this book and have learnt so many valuable lessons when we looked at the how the spirits guided Scrooge to see the errors of his ways.

We have done lots of research and found out some very interesting facts:

  • Charles Dickens based the character of Tiny Tim on his own nephew, Harry, who had a physical disability and passed away at a young age.
  • He wrote the book in 6 weeks and released 6000 copies on the 19th December 1843 which all sold out in the first week.
  • Charles Dickens wrote the book because he wanted to show people the plight of the poor Victorian children and to encourage wealthy people to show more compassion to those in need.
  • His book has been made into movies of many different types - even a Muppets characters version.

We are preparing for our ICT task for this term that involves turning our favourite scene of this famous tale into an animation. Our sets are well under way and we are very excited to see how they will turn out!